With 3 nurseries in Dorset, our kindergartens cover a range of locations suitable for many families. The first of our nurseries in Dorset was set up in 2012 at Avon Heath Country Park which is surrounded by miles of protected heathland.

Following the success of Avon Heath, we opened our kindergarten at Durlston Country Park, a stunning setting overlooking the sea and many acres of National Nature Reserve. Our newest kindergarten to complete our 3 nurseries in Dorset is situated at Lytchett Minster. Children who attend this kindergarten benefit from a large garden area, a dedicated allotment to harvest vegetables and a beautiful orchard.

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With many nurseries in Dorset, all accommodating different age ranges, it can be tricky to know when to enrol your child at kindergarten. Although there is no single answer to what the best age is, we can shed some light on the experiences children will receive at certain ages when joining a local nursery such as Kids Love Nature.

1 - 2-year-olds

Enroling at Dorset Nurseries

A government study showed that around 30% of children start nursery or kindergarten after their 1st birthday. We have one kindergarten that accommodates this age range which is our Lytchett Kindergarten. If you are enrolling your child at this age, you want to be sure that a suitable setup is correctly in place to ensure your little one gets the care and attention they require.

A child’s experience when starting at this age will differ significantly from a 2-year-olds experience, for example. A 1-year-old is at a completely different stage of development and will need additional support.

At our Lytchett Kindergarten, we have a separate baby room for our younger children which includes a sleeping zone, reading area, and play space. This also includes different access to their own outdoor section within the garden to excite their senses. We also ensure that each child has their own ‘key person’ who will stay with them during their time at Kids Love Nature. This way they can build a more personal relationship helping with confidence building and independence.

In many instances, a child will be enrolled at a nursery in Dorset based on how soon their parent(s) return to work. Children at this age may need additional comfort whilst settling into their new environment, this may mean that it’s necessary to bring something from home, a popular choice is their favourite teddy or toy.


Dorset Nurseries

A further 30% of children start nursery or kindergarten at the age of 2. When preparing your child for starting kindergarten at this age, you will be able to start making them slightly more aware of what the transition will be like.

Depending on your child’s personality it may be beneficial to purchase some books that explain about ‘life at a nursery’ or speak to your local Kids Love Nature manager to give you an idea of some of the activities that your child could take part in. These can help to get your child excited at the prospect of meeting new people and learning, rather than it being a daunting and stressful experience.  

Similarly to our youngest children who enrol, 2-year-olds will also be assigned their key person to help with the first few weeks of settling in.

Every child who joins a Kids Love Nature kindergarten will go through a different experience within their first week or so as no two children bed into this new routine in the same way. However, as they adjust, my team and I are there every step of the way, making it enjoyable and fun.’ - Teri, Lytchett Manager


Dorset Nurseries for 3 year olds

If you haven’t felt the need to enrol your child into a kindergarten up until this age, we would recommend enrolling them for a period of time before they start school.

At this key stage in a child's development, this is the age that they learn the most about interacting with others. They’ll be more open to playing independently and will develop skills such as sharing and teamwork.

Introducing your child into a kindergarten at any age will reduce the chances of them suffering from separation anxiety when they are in full-time education. It also allows them to get used to structure within their day. At Kids Love Nature, we focus a lot of attention on giving the child choice, as this develops their independence greatly but at the same time, we introduce structure with set lunch times to build on this important skill.

Join a Kids Love Nature nursery in Dorset

In short, whichever age your child joins Kids Love Nature, they will be nurtured, cared for and build some incredible friendships and memories. In essence, it's a completely personal preference as to when your child joins one of the many nurseries in Dorset.

Each child’s experience will be different as no two children are the same, they are unique, they enjoy different activities and learn in a way that’s individual to them.

If you would like to arrange a visit to one of our nurseries in Dorset, then get in contact with our Lytchett Minster, Avon Heath or Durlston managers.