With some extra layers and wellies at the ready, children can’t wait to explore the great outdoors in all weathers. A bit of rain doesn’t stop us!

In this article, we outline some of our favourite outdoor winter activities that our kindergartens enjoy at this time of the year and why it’s important to embrace nature even in the colder months.

Den building

Den building at our nurseries in Ringwood

It’s an all year round favourite, den building never gets old! Children love the creativity of heading out into the woods, picking up the all-important sticks and leaves on their way and pitching up their completely ‘forest made’ den.

It’s amazing how you see a child’s personality come through when watching them build a den. They will very quickly find their role within the task, whether its project manager, quality controller, or the one who gets completely stuck in and ends up head to toe in mud at the end of it, teamwork really is a beautiful thing! This is a particular favourite at our nurseries in Ringwood and Lymington.

Painting and crafts   

Arts and Crafts at our outdoor nurseries

With the most amazing colours and ever-changing scenery surrounding all of our kindergartens, painting is one of those relaxing activities that stimulate a child's brain and allows them to truly express themselves and embrace their creativity.

Painting also has many other benefits for a child, including:

  • Improved wellbeing

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Develops their decision making through their choice of materials and colours

  • Enhances focus and concentration

  • Subconsciously teaches a lesson on shapes, colours & patterns

Toasting marshmallows around the firepit

You don’t need to be inside with the heating cranked up to stay warm, building a fire pit not only teaches children valuable life skills but is a fun way to get children outdoors, especially when there are marshmallows involved!

Christmas at our forest kindergarten

All the Christmas festivities… outside!

Obviously, winter wouldn’t be the same without plenty of Christmas festivities, so from the 1st of December we fully embrace this time of year.  We enjoy getting parents involved as much as possible too are invited into the kindergarten to take part in plenty of outdoor fun… including meeting Santa! Throughout the month we make Christmas decorations, wreaths and do lots of baking.

Why getting outdoors in the winter is beneficial

A study by Ofcom in 2017, showed that a massive 96% of 3-4-year-olds watch TV for at least 15 hours a week and 53% use the internet for 8 hours a week! This makes it really important that children spend more time outdoors with all the benefits outdoor play gives, including:

Getting outdoors in nurseries in ringwood
  • Their wellbeing - being outdoors will mean they naturally receive their fair share of Vitamin D

  • Social skills - we don’t want our children growing up in a world where the only way to socialise is the internet. Outdoor play will build these skills and make them a more confident person.

  • Creativity - outdoor play allows you to remove the restrictive constraints they will come across when playing indoors, meaning their imagination can run wild.

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