We're proud of our community and the goodwill for each kindergarten. Below you can read just a
few of our favourite testimonials ...

...Children’s Nature Nursery offers children the great outdoors, the freedom, stimulation and support to make learning a joy.
— Julie Fisher Early Years Author & Associate Professor, Oxford Brookes University
Boy eating a carrot
It is ultimately the most rewarding feedback, when your child truly loves her school!.. that is what Children’s Nature Nursery gives; a safe and nurturing environment for children to blossom and learn. Their approach to cultivate independent and emotionally intelligent children is invaluable not just for right now but their future.
— Nicolette, Mum
This is a truly outstanding nursery where the staff go much further than their duty and the care on offer goes further than just looking after the children but assists with their development in all areas. I have never had an issue with either of my children wanting to attend ever.
— Nicola, Mum
Kids sitting on a pair of wheelbarrows
An outstanding nursery provision going above and beyond... The facilities are second to none, featuring the farm and access to the woodland just a few minutes walk away which are used regularly by the children. The teachers are wonderful, nurturing, attentive, dedicated and compassionate. They treat each child as an individual in his own right and help them to grow into independent, sensitive and interested people. The parent talks held each term are added extras that a ‘regular’ nursery doesn’t provide. Overall this is a wonderful place for a child... somewhere that we, as parents, have the opportunity to learn so much from.
— Rachel, Mum
The team looking after the children are amazing. They are attentive but also provide the space the children need to discover things for themselves. I have complete confidence in them.
— Hatty, Mum
I can’t thank you enough for the time you have taken with her and in turn how much I have learnt as a parent
— (S.B), Parent
We absolutely love this nursery... I wouldn’t send my son anywhere else.
— Natalie Willis, Mum
I can highly recommend the Durlston Nature Nursery. Our Son has developed so much in just a few months and his confidence has really grown. He loves going and the staff are very supportive and nurture each child’s individual needs. The children go for 2 nature walks a day, paint, bake, read stories together, learn fun ways of using numbers and letters and are currently making a mini beast hotel which our Son is very excited about! These are just a few of the things the children enjoy. Fresh and healthy hot meals are provided which are always a big hit! We love the opportunity the children are given, to enjoy fun, fresh air and learning outdoors and our Son always comes home full of stories, rosy cheeked and very happy! We can’t thank the staff enough for making him feel so welcome!
— Jenny, Mum