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Who we are

We are a Kindergarten Group evolving an integrated approach to early years education providing the best of the future for every child. We do this through our UK based development centres and kindergartens.

Our Kindergartens are continuously rated as the highest quality* and gain international interest from universities for their cutting edge approach and delivery.

*Rated ‘Outstanding’ at every inspection by the Office of Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted)


Kids Love Nature Kindergartens

We are looking for investors or existing kindergarten groups who wish to work in partnership with us in the international market. The expanding childcare sector is our current international focus.

“Every child should be entitled to a provision of this quality. Kids Love Nature Kindergartens offers children the freedom, stimulation and support to make learning a joy.”
— Julie Fisher Early Years Author & Associate Professor, Oxford Brookes University

Curriculum design

We have a complete indoor and outdoor curriculum. Our team can design you a bespoke curriculum that meets your local needs and is of international quality

I’m very excited about the refreshing approach taken by Kids Love Nature towards creating synergy between indoor and outdoor learning. It’s cutting edge Early Years practice and pedagogy and should be effectively adopted widely by other schools, for children of various ages.
— Professor Marcus Grace, MSc, PhD, FRSB - Head of the Education School and Professor of Science Education, University of Southampton


We train extensively in all areas of early years education to ensure best padegogical practice.

The Kids Love Nature Kindergarten was the highlight of our study abroad tour in the U.K! Our university students were very impressed with Ben and Alex and their passion for combining all aspects of the best practices and ideas from the field of Early Childhood Education.
— Cathy Burckett-St. Laurent M.Ed, Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati

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