At Kids Love Nature, we firmly believe that every child is entitled to the best early years education there is. For this belief to come to life, it's important that every practitioner lives up to their potential. 

Our short courses target the areas that are most important in providing great early years learning. How can I make the best use of my outdoor area? What does my team need to know to give two year olds the best start? How can we make our Ofsted inspection a positive experience?

If these are the questions you are asking yourself, then we have the short course for you.

Collectively, our trainers have over 50 years experience delivering Outstanding practice. Everything we share is part of our daily practice. The real examples you will experience on the day, will give you the tools to implement new ideas tomorrow.

All our short courses take place within the inspiring learning environments of our nurseries.

Early Years Short Courses

Supporting Two Year Olds


Two year olds are a wonderful presence to have in our nursery environments. For many practitioners, working with two year olds can bring some new challenges, so we will explore what it is that two year olds really need, and consider how we can provide for these needs to support them in a seamless transition from home to nursery.

  • Understand the needs of the two year old in an early years setting
  • Reflect upon current provision for two year olds
  • Explore activities to engage and meet the developmental interests of two year olds

COURSE DATE: Wed 8th June 1.30-4.30pm at Lymington Cost: £30

Characteristics of Effective Learning and Sustained Shared Thinking

Through an in-depth look at the characteristics of effective learning and sustained shared thinking we will discover how to enable children to reach deeper levels of involvement, engagement and wellbeing.
• Develop your understanding of Sustained Shared Thinking and how it contributes to children’s learning and development
• Use the Leuven Scales of Involvement and Wellbeing to reflect upon how your practice and provision currently supports the characteristics of effective learning• Create a plan for how to develop your practice in this area

COURSE DATE:  Avon Heath: Thu 20th October 6-9pm Cost: £30 

Observation, Assessment and Planning

Observation is at the heart of working with children and families. In this session we will reflect on how we observe, how to make it achievable, and crucially, how to interpret our observations so that we can put the knowledge we gain through observing into helping the children to the best of our abilities.
• Understand the importance of the Observation, Assessment and Planning cycle in supporting children

• Learn practical observation techniques that are effective and manageable
• Develop your practice of using statutory assessments, including the two year check

COURSE DATE: Avon Heath: Thu 3rd November 6-9pm Cost: £30 

Outdoor Learning Short Courses

Outdoor Learning: Practical Activities

The outdoors is often children’s preferred learning space and ensuring we meet every area of learning can be challenging but also hugely rewarding. Together we will explore how to maximise learning opportunities in any outdoor space and learn about a range of practical activities that will engage and challenge children.
• Creating an accessible interesting outdoor learning environment

• Using everyday resources to provide a range of activities covering all areas of the EYFS • Using the seasons, weather and wildlife to bring your outdoor area to life

COURSE DATES: Thu 16th June 6-9pm & Sat 8th October 9:30-12:30 at Avon Heath Cost: £30

Outdoor Learning: Using Natural Spaces

The natural world is the biggest store of free and amazing learning resources. Come and experience how any natural space, be it a woodland, park, pond or beach, can be used to provide wonderful learning opportunities for young children. We will provide lots of practical ideas to connect children to nature and cover all aspects of ‘risk benefits’ through risk assessments.
• Practical tips and ideas on how to organise regular trips to local natural spaces including risk assessments

• How adults can support children to engage with natural materials and ‘connect to nature’ • How to extend children’s understanding and inquisitiveness back at your setting

COURSE DATE: Tue 5th July 6-9pm at Avon Heath Cost: £30

Montessori Short Courses

Montessori: A Sensorial Approach to Language

Starting with how we can support the youngest children and progressing through the Montessori language activities for three and four year olds, we will explore games, materials and presentations that will enable children to experience the delights of language. • Revisit the inspiring Montessori language materials
• Discover games and presentations that will enhance your work in supporting language development

• Learn how to adapt language activities according to the individual child’s stage of development

COURSE DATE: Thu 12th May 6-9pm at Bay Tree Cost: £30 

Montessori: Exploring Maths for 3-5 Year Olds

We will revisit the amazing Montessori mathematics materials, looking at how to really connect children to this exciting area of the environment through beautiful and timely presentations.
• Be re-inspired by the child’s innate mathematical mind and love of maths
• Review the scope and sequence of these beautiful materials to develop and refine your presentations

• Develop your confidence with both early and more advanced materials

COURSE DATE: Wed 25th May 6-9pm at Bay Tree Cost: £30 

Montessori: From Birth to Three Years

Come and discover how, through the right environment and the right approach, we can enable young children to follow their natural path of development with quite remarkable effect. In the words of one Montessori child: “Montessori helps children develop their minds. They might become the kind of children who change the world one day...”
• A chance to explore the Montessori approach to babies and toddlers and how this is supported by the latest research 

• Learn about the Montessori Birth to Three environment and how this relates to the EYFS
• Discover how the Montessori materials designed specifically for this age group support natural development 

COURSE DATE: Thu 7th July 6-9pm at Bay Tree Cost: £30

Montessori: Sensorial Exploration in the Early Years

There is so much more to the Sensorial materials than our basic presentations. Through the introduction of language and the Sensorial games, we can support children in deepening their understanding of these ‘materialised abstractions’.
• A chance to review the Sensorial materials
• Reflect upon and refine your presentations

• Discover how the Sensorial games engage four year olds experiencing the sensitive period for social behaviour COURSE DATE: Wed 14th September 6-9pm at Bay Tree Cost: £30 

Supporting Children's Development through Montessori

No matter how much experience or training we have as practitioners, it always helps to have a little space and time to reflect on where we are, how we are putting the theory into practice, and identify the areas we might like to work on next. This session will enable you to re-connect to the basics of Montessori theory, and deepen your understanding and practice to support your work with the children over the coming year.

• A refreshing and inspiring look at what Montessori theory is really all about
• An opportunity to take the time to reflect on your personal Montessori practice
• A chance for new and experienced practitioners to deepen and refine their understanding

COURSE DATE: Thu 29th September 6-9pm at Bay Tree Cost: £30 

Preparing for Ofsted Short Courses

The Process of Self Evaluation (including writing the Ofsted SEF)

Self-evaluation can be an exciting and rewarding experience for the nursery team. Together we will look at the Ofsted requirements for self-evaluation, and how to carry out this process in a way that contributes to the positive development of your setting.
• Review the requirements and purpose of the SEF to ensure it is both useful and effective
• Time to reflect upon your SEF and develop it further

• Opportunity to create a nursery development plan based on your SEF

COURSE DATE: Tue 21st June 1.30-4.30pm at Lymington Cost: £30 

Preparing for your Ofsted Inspection

In this course, we will look at both statutory and non-statutory guidance and consider the most effective ways to prepare for an Ofsted visit. The session will boost your confidence and skills to help your inspection go smoothly and positively.
• Examine regulatory guidance including the new EYFS for September 2014
• Review required documentation and useful sources of evidence

• Understand how to communicate effectively with your Ofsted inspector

COURSE DATES: Tue 22nd November 1:30-4:30pm at Lymington Cost: £30