The environment that your child is exposed to from a young age can have a huge influence on the rest of their life; it can have an immediate impact on their personality, skills, opinions, thoughts and health. Learning in a forest kindergarten environment can improve and develop your child's way of thinking through exploring physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and culturally.

The differences in our forest kindergartens

Since opening our Avon Heath forest kindergarten in 2012, Kids Love Nature have opened 3 more sites, with another opening in September 2018. Although each forest kindergarten follows the same teaching process, the natural environment that the kindergartens are set in are completely unique meaning no two are the same.

Avon Heath

Located within 600 acres of the stunning Avon Heath Country Park, children attending this forest kindergarten get to experience the woodland that surrounds them in a truly breathtaking way. Directly within the kindergarten, children can explore the large garden, as well as having the responsibility of looking after the kindergarten chickens and other wildlife that frequently visits. The ever-changing environment makes this forest kindergarten truly one of a kind, and every day the Country Park Ranger gives the children a chance to explore more of the park.


Our Lymington forest kindergarten is situated in the heart of the New Forest in the small village of South Baddesley. Children attending our Lymington Kindergarten will be taught skills that most children don’t get the chance to naturally learn, this is made possible by our organic farm, which is home to pigs and chickens. Whilst learning how to care for our friendly animals, your little one will also get to grow their own food from the garden. Our parents instantly recognise how truly extraordinary this kindergarten is.    


How many children say they’ve grown up surrounded by giraffes, penguins, and meerkats? Located within Marwell Zoo on the outskirts of Winchester, our Marwell forest kindergarten is a thrilling and exciting setting to learn, develop and play in. Children have regular sessions with the zoo ranger, whilst also being able to take advantage of the amazing one-and-a-half acre secure outdoor play area which includes a large garden for growing plants and vegetables in and a never-ending setting to explore, letting your child’s senses run wild!  


Our Durlston forest kindergarten is the only one that benefits from the beautiful scenery of a Nature Reserve and the ocean all in one. Surrounded by the Jurassic Coast, this kindergarten opens up a world of learning through its natural environment, including chances to study geography, science, history, wildlife, art and much more.


Our newest site opening in September 2018 will boast a large garden for children to learn and explore in.  We also have access acres of woodland area behind the forest kindergarten which will give us chance to experience this beautiful setting with the children. You can find out more about our latest kindergarten addition in our blog post here.

How can you as a parent help to develop your child?

At our forest kindergartens, we use a process called meta-cognition, which allows children to become more aware of their own thought processes. This enables them to reflect on their learning and their thinking, and this affects future learning experiences.

Working with the whole family is key. Parents are their children’s first educators, and understanding the child’s background is vital for our teachers to work effectively. This will involve a two-way process of sharing information, and will also involve teachers making a commitment to learning about and understanding the family’s culture, beliefs, and values.

Want to find out about a forest kindergarten near you?

If you’re interested in one of our Dorset or Hampshire forest kindergartens, then getting in touch to arrange a visit is the perfect opportunity to see what we are all about.

All our kindergartens are rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted and continues to receive great feedback from parents, we also benefit from being able to offer the government funding scheme at each forest kindergarten. Get in contact here to learn more.