If you are looking for a nursery in Ringwood, then our Avon Heath location is the perfect setting for your child to experience education for the first time. Set in the beautiful location of the Avon Heath Country Park, your little one will enjoy a range of indoor and outdoor activities, all of which will develop their skills so they can thrive into adulthood.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

When was your Nature Nursery in Ringwood set up?

Avon Heath was the first of the nurseries that we set up around Hampshire and Dorset, this was 6 years ago, and we have since gone on to open, Lymington, Durlston in Swanage and Marwell Zoo.

How many children can attend the Avon Heath Nature Nursery at one time?

We have a strict staff to child ratio meaning that every child receives the right amount of attention and care. Our Avon Heath nursery has a capacity of 40 children at one time, on average we have around 36 per day attending which comprises of around 12 2-year-olds and 24 3/4-year-olds, so this averages out at a 1 adult: 5 children ratio.

What activities do children take part in on a day-to-day basis?

Our nursery in Ringwood has an amazing outdoor area for children to play come rain or shine, inclusive of a pond area, our own chickens, fire pit, wooded back and supersized sand pit. There is also 600 acres of heathland around the Country Park, making it the perfect setting to explore, build dens and learn about the wildlife through our Ranger Explorer sessions. It’s not just the outdoors we care about, we have a beautiful dynamic indoor space for children to learn, relax and thrive. Visit our Facebook page to see more of what the children get up to. 

What is the daily fee?

Our daily fee is £47 per child with a £50 registration fee. This cost includes a daily organic lunch and snacks, nature school sessions in the country park with the rangers, visiting artist fees, cooking sessions and relaxation sessions.  

How does the approach to teaching differ at the Avon Heath Nature Nursery in Ringwood?

When we started Kids Love Nature we wanted to create an approach to education that prepares children for the rest of their lives. As research has shown, being around nature has many benefits both physically and mentally and we wanted this to be prominent in our approach. We allow children to discover what’s right and wrong for themselves and to develop their strengths. We think it’s important that children have a choice, which will lead to them being independent and confident individuals.

It's our mission to make every day extraordinary for as many children as possible. 

Contact the team at Avon Heath to arrange a visit or for more information, call them on 01425 483889