We may be biased, but it’s for a good reason. Being outdoors will give your child a better start in life, however, by combining this with an excellent and dynamic indoor space for learning and developing, your child will thrive! Fact.

Nature shouldn’t be taken for granted, your child can learn so much from just playing in the mud, building dens and climbing trees, however, we also think that encouraging relaxation, and tranquillity in a safe and calming environment is very important. This is how we have managed to create the perfect synergy between the 2 spaces.

Below are some key traits that your child will learn from exploring our outdoor nurseries, whilst also developing their skills inside:

Increased physical wellbeing -

Fully equipped with wellies and a raincoat (especially at this time of the year), we are not afraid to get outside. Whether that’s playing in the mud kitchen, feeding the animals or like many 3 and 4-year old’s love to do, making up their own games. They may not come home with the cleanest of clothes, but your child will come home excited about the new skills they’ve learnt each day.   

Increased mental wellbeing -

Physical stimulation is one thing, but we like to make sure that children at our outdoor nurseries are focussed and explore their creativity at every opportunity, letting their minds run wild with imagination. This mental stimulation is put into practice through a variety of indoor activities as well, which including baking and arts and crafts.  

Did you know that a survey done by the National Trust showed that 80% of the happiest people in the UK said that they have a strong connection with the natural world.*

More independence & freedom -

We don’t stick to a strict daily routine. The children have the independence and freedom to choose what they do, whilst learning respect from their teachers about when to share and listen. Some children will prefer to learn and explore in a quieter, more peaceful environment, such as our indoor spaces and relaxation areas.

A better sense of the ‘real world’ -

Our world is advancing more rapidly than ever before, and with all the technology that children are exposed to nowadays, it can be easy enough to leave them to enjoy a TV programme or computer game. But is this really how you want your child to grow up?

Our outdoor nurseries take that requirement away from children and they won’t miss it. Instead, they will enjoy the ‘real world’ on a daily basis, real-life challenges that children face, as simple as they may be, will be conquered.  

Learn to embrace relaxation -

Whilst running around outdoors is important, we also understand that practising relaxation and mindfulness is a key element to growing up. Studies show that it has huge benefits for children’s well-being, leading to reduced anxiety, improved peer relationships and academic achievement. At our outdoor nature nurseries, we embrace this and enjoy relaxation sessions regularly.

Ready to join the adventure at Kids Love Nature?

We feel deeply that an evolved, integrated approach to early years education is needed to make the best of the future for everyone. If you agree and are interested in visiting one of our outdoor nurseries, get in touch today.

Our Nature Nurseries are based in 4 locations and children over the age of 2 can register to join us; Lymington, Marwell Zoo (near Winchester), Avon Heath (near Ringwood) and Durlston in Swanage.

Join the adventure and experience the extraordinary!